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Development setup

The basic steps for setting up a development are as follows.

  1. Ensure you’re running node version >=12.0.0, as specified by Docs Engine.

  2. Clone the docs site repo (@username/my-docs-site below):

    ~/ $ git clone
  3. cd into my-docs-site and run yarn install:

    ~/ $ cd my-docs-site
    ~/my-docs-site $ yarn install
  4. Run the engine’s bootstrap command:

    ~/my-docs-site $ yarn bootstrap
  5. Run the local development server:

    ~/my-docs-site $ yarn develop
  6. Open localhost:8000 in your browser to see your docs site.

At this point, you can make changes to the Markdown files inside the content directory (e.g. my-docs-site/src/content) to build or improve your docs site.

Watch files for changes

If you are contributing to @cloudflare/cloudflare-docs, you can use a command that starts the local development server and watches files for changes, updating the development server files automatically. To use this command:

  1. Go to the local repo's root directory and run yarn install:

    ~/cloudflare-docs/products/docs-engine $ cd ../..
    ~/cloudflare-docs $ yarn install
  2. Run the develop command passing the product folder name (the name of a products/ sub-folder) as an argument — for example, docs-engine:

    ~/cloudflare-docs $ yarn develop -- docs-engine
  3. Open localhost:8000 in your browser to see your docs site. In this example, when you update any files under cloudflare-docs/products/docs-engine, the development server automatically updates the rendered docs site.

Currently, this script is only available in the Cloudflare Developers documentation repository. If you are using the Docs Engine with a different documentation repository, you need to stop and restart yarn develop every time you make changes to files under src/content.