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Working with GitHub

The goal is to ensure that PRs are easily retrievable and readable.

  1. Make commit messages informative.
[commit 1] fix access[commit 1] fix image paths in
[commit 2] add step-by-step guide on configuring an idp
  1. When naming a PR, follow this title structure:

Title Pattern

broken link in access docs[Access] fix broken link in
fixes[] fix code style in getting started and /dns-over-https
  1. Check that the PR description reflects a bullet point list of all commit titles. Add any other comment you want to share with us.

  2. Assign the relevant product label.

    Product labels follow this structure, product:product-name, e.g. product:access.

  3. Request a review from the code owner.

    See a list of code owners per product.

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