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Configure dynamic advertisement

Use the IP Prefixes page to configure dynamic advertisement

To configure IP prefix assignment from your Cloudflare account home, use the Status drop-down list in the IP Prefixes dialog, as outlined in these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare accounts Home page and click IP Prefixes.

    account home

    The IP Prefixes page displays.

  2. To edit a prefix, click the Edit link associated with the entry.


    The Edit IP Prefixes dialog displays.

    ip prefixes dialog

  3. To configure prefix advertisement, select the Advertised or Withdrawn option from the Status drop-down list.

    status drop-down list

  4. Click Save to commit your changes.

Once you have committed your changes, it takes 2–7 minutes to enable advertisement and approximately 15 minutes to disable (withdraw) advertisement.

Use the Cloudflare API to configure dynamic advertisement

To configure prefix advertisement with the Cloudflare API, use the IP Address Management and Dynamic Advertisement API.

Most dynamic advertisement operations require that you supply the Cloudflare ID for any prefix you want to access with the Cloudflare API. The following section outlines how to obtain Prefix IDs.

Get prefix IDs

You can obtain Prefix IDs from the IP Prefixes page in your Cloudflare account home or via the List Prefixes operation in the Cloudflare API.

To obtain Prefix IDs from the IP Prefixes page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the expander widget associated with the entry for which you want to obtain the Prefix ID.


    The prefix details display.

  2. To obtain the Prefix ID, refer to the API Tag value. To add the value to your clipboard, click Copy.

    prefix details view