Release Notes

Cloudflare frequently updates the cloudflared service with new features and bug fixes. As of July 2018 information about those releases is provided here.


  • We’re changing the way we release cloudflared. We will release more frequently, and the Github repository will contain the actual commits that go into each release. We will also properly tag each release with its version number
  • cloudflared now always attempts to keep HTTP connections to the origin service alive to serve requests faster
  • Windows users no longer see an error about loading the system certificate pool. Instead, they will be advised to use the command-line switch to supply a certificate pool


  • Going forward, cloudflared will only log each HTTP request when logging verbosity is set to debug.


  • Argo Tunnel now supports Server-Sent Events!
  • Argo Tunnel now supports WSGI servers through a new flag called --no-chunked-encoding. See the docs for details
  • A new flag called --no-tls-verify now allows you to disable TLS verification of the certificate presented by the origin. See the docs for details
  • cloudflared will now warn about DNS propagation time when starting a new tunnel
  • Logs in terminals that don’t support colored output will no longer contain escape characters intended for colored terminals


  • When creating a tunnel, cloudflared will now log the tunnel ID