Common Errors

HTTP 502

A 502 Error means that the Cloudflare edge can establish a connection with the cloudflared client, but the cloudflared client is not able to establish a connection with the web server. If you see this error, you should double check that your web server is running on the same port you told cloudflared when starting Tunnel.

You may also get this error if the TLS certificate used by the webserver is not valid. If you run

cloudflared tunnel --hostname http://localhost:8080

then Tunnel expects a certificate for localhost. You can use the origin-server-name field to specify what the name is in the certificate:

cloudflared tunnel --hostname --origin-server-name http://localhost:8080

HTTP 503

A 503 error means either that the tunnel has been unregistered, or that there is a delay in DNS propagation. Tunnels are unregistered when all instances of cloudflared exit for a domain. In this case, start cloudflared to resume service. Argo-Tunnel uses DNS connect your tunnels, this means that initial bring-up of a tunnel will take a few seconds for DNS to update. cloudflared will report when your tunnel is ready to service requests.