Clearing User Sessions

Configuring Logout

Users can visit <your-domain>/cdn-cgi/access/logout (i.e. to clear their unique user session and logout.

Adding Logout Button

As an alternative, you can add a Cloudflare Access bar that displays at the top of your site.

  • Go to the Access tab in your Cloudflare dashboard Access-Policy

  • Click on the settings button to edit your access policy and select “Add Logout Bar” policy-setting

  • It redirects you to the Cloudflare Access Bar app. Give a title for the Logout Bar and also adjust the alignment and appearance to your liking. Then click “Install on all pages” Logout-App

Revoking user sessions

To forcibly end all user sessions, Click the ‘Revoke Existing Tokens’ button in the settings modal of any Access Policy in the Cloudflare dashboard. policy-setting