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Application SSO

Access can replace your virtual private network (VPN) and reduce the need for application-specific passwords. For example, applications can use the JSON web token (JWT) that Access generates to validate the user's identity. Doing so enables a single sign-on experience.

Single sign-on integrations allow supported applications to connect the identity from the Access JWT to a user profile configured in the application. This way the user only needs to log in once, through the identity provider they select on the Access login page.

Applications with JWT authentication support

Atlassian Jira® and Confluence® (Plugin)

Access offers support for on-premise Atlassian tools through a Cloudflare open-source plugin. For more, see the Cloudflare Access for Atlassian project on GitHub.


Authentication is available natively in Redash. For integration help, see the Redash project on GitHub.

Sentry (Plugin)

Sentry is an application that helps software teams find and diagnose errors in their products. You can integrate Cloudflare Access with Sentry using a plugin opens-sourced by Cloudflare.