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Cloudflare Access allows your to connect to your applications using their GitHub login. Administrators can build rules for specific individuals or using GitHub organizations. You do not need to have a GitHub organization to use the integration.

Set up GitHub Access

To configure GitHub access in both GitHub and Cloudflare Access:

  1. Log into GitHub.

  2. Go to your account Settings > Developer Setting, select OAuth Apps and click Register a new application.

    GitHub OAuth page

    The Register a new OAuth application window displays.

    GitHub Register a new OAuth application window

  3. Enter an Application name.

    You users see this name on the login page.

  4. Enter your account’s authorization domain in the Homepage URL field.

    For example,

    You can find this in the Login Page Domain field in Cloudflare Access.

    Finding the Homepage URL in Cloudflare

    Click anywhere in the field to copy the content to your clipboard.

  5. Paste the domain in the GitHub Authorization callback URL field, and add this to the end of the path: /cdn-cgi/access/callback

  6. Click Register application.

  7. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

    Client ID and Client secret

  8. In Cloudflare Access, scroll to Login Methods and click GitHub.

    The Add a GitHub identity provider window displays.

    GitHub identity provider window

  9. Paste in the Client ID and Client secret.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Click Done.

    Edit GitHub identity provider window

  12. Click Save and Test.

    On success a confirmation screen displays.

    Successful connection to your IdP

Note: If you have GitHub two-factor authentication enabled, you will need to first login to GitHub directly and return to Access.

Example API Configuration

{    "config": {        "client_id": "<your client id>",        "client_secret": "<your client secret"    },    "type": "github",    "name": "my example idp"}