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Generic OIDC

Cloudflare Access has a generic OpenID Connect (OIDC) connector to help you integrate IdPs not already set in Access.

Setting up a generic OIDC

To set up a generic OIDC:

  1. Visit your identity provider and create a client/app.

  2. Copy the content of these fields:

    • Client ID

    • Client secret

    • Auth URL: The authorization_endpoint URL of your IdP

    • Token URL: The token_endpoint URL of your IdP

    • Certificate URL: The jwks_uri endpoint of your IdP to allow the IdP keys to sign the tokens

      You can find these values on your identity provider’s OIDC discovery endpoint. Some providers call this the “well-known URL.”

  3. In Cloudflare Access, scroll to Login Methods, click Add and select OIDC Provider.

    ODIC Provider option

    The Add a Generic OpenID identity provider window displays. Add a Generic Open ID identity provider window

  4. Enter your IdP in the Name field.

  5. Paste in the Client ID and Client secret.

  6. In the authorized redirect URI field for your IdP, enter your authentication domain /cdn-cgi/access/callback URL.

  7. Click Save and Test. On success a confirmation screen displays.

    Connection Success

Example API Configuration

{    "config": {        "client_id": "<your client id>",        "client_secret": "<your client secret>",        "auth_url": "",        "token_url": "",        "certs_url": "",    },    "type": "oidc",    "name": "Generic Google"}