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Cloudflare Access allows your users to use Facebook as their IdP.

Set up Facebook as your IdP

Use these steps to set up Facebook as your identity provider.

  1. Go to go to

  2. Click Create App at the top-right.

    Facebook IdP Login page

  3. The Create a New App ID card displays

  4. Enter the Display Name and Contact Email.

  5. Click Create App ID.

    The Create a New App ID window displays.

    Facebook Create New App ID

  6. Enter the Captcha code to proceed.

  7. Click Submit.

  8. On the Facebook Login card, click Set Up.

    Facebook Add a Product

    A Quickstart card displays offering platform choices.

    Facebook Quickstart

  9. Click Web.

    The Web tab displays.

  10. Enter your Site URL.

  11. Click Save.

  12. Click Continue.

    Ignore any JavaScript page that suggests that you install it on your site.

  13. Click Settings > Basic on the left-hand menu.

    Facebook Settings

  14. In the Cloudflare Access app, copy the App ID and App Secret into the OAuth ID and OAuth Secret fields.

    OAuth ID and OAuth Secret

  15. Click Facebook Login.

    Facebook OAuth Settings

  16. Set the Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs slider to Yes.

  17. Enter your authentication domain in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field.

  18. Click Save Changes.

  19. Click Save and Test in the Cloudflare Access app.

    On successful connection to your identity provider, a confirmation window displays.

    Cloudflare Idp Connection Success

Example API Configuration

{    "config": {        "client_id": "<your client id>",        "client_secret": "<your client secret"    },    "type": "facebook",    "name": "my example idp"}

export const _frontmatter = {"order":12}