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Revoke user sessions

Access provides two options for revoking user sessions: per-application and per-user.

The authentication process involves Cloudflare Access issuing a signed JSON Web Token (JWT) when a user authenticates and meets the criteria defined in your Access application policy. The token is valid for the duration configured in the application (default is 24 hours). The user can access the application for the entire duration of that token’s lifecycle without re-authenticating until the session expires.


To immediately terminate all active sessions for a specific application:

  1. On the Teams dashboard, navigate to Access > Applications and locate the application for which you would like to revoke active sessions.

  2. Click Edit for that application.

  3. In the Overview page, click Revoke existing tokens.


Unless there are changes to rules in the policy, users can generate a new token during authentication if their profile in your identity provider is still active.


Access can immediately revoke a single user session across all applications in your account. Once revoked, the user cannot reach any application path protected by Access. However, if the user’s identity profile is still active, they can generate a new session.

If you want to permanently revoke a user access:

  1. Disable their account in your IdP so that they cannot authenticate, then revoke their Access user session.

  2. On the Teams dashboard, navigate to Logs > Users.

    Users who have authenticated in the current calendar month will be displayed. Search for or select the user you need to revoke.


  1. Click Revoke session and confirm.


Subsequent Logins

When administrators revoke a user's Cloudflare Access token, that user will not be able to login again for up to 1 minute. If they attempt to do so, Cloudflare Access will display an error.