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Service tokens

Cloudflare Access secures your application by evaluating each request for authentication. Many users authenticate using an identity provider (IdP), and for these users, Cloudflare Access generates a JSON Web Token (JWT) that is scoped to the applications they are authorized to access.

Cloudflare Access service tokens or mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication are also ideal for applications that service automated requests, such as those generated by other applications and services. This section covers how to create, renew, and revoke a service token.

Create a Service Token

  1. In the Teams dashboard, navigate to Access > Service Auth.

  2. Click Create Service Token.

    Access Service Token card

  3. Next, name the service token.

The name allows you to easily identify events related to the token in the logs and to revoke the token individually.

Access Service Token card

  1. Click Generate token. The next page will display the generated Client ID and Client Secret for the service token.

  2. Copy the Client Secret in this view.

    Access Service Token card

This is the only time Cloudflare Access will display the Client Secret. If you lose the Client Secret, you must generate a new service token.

You can now use the service token when you create service auth policies.

Connect your Service to Access

Cloudflare Access expects both values as headers in any request sent to the applications behind Access. Add the following to the headers of any requests and name them as follows:

CF-Access-Client-Id: <Client ID> CF-Access-Client-Secret: <Client Secret>

When a request is made to an application behind our network, the request will submit them both to Access. If the service token is valid, Cloudflare Access generates a JWT scoped to the application. All subsequent requests with that JWT will succeed until the expiration of that JWT.

Renew Service Tokens

By default, service tokens expire one year after creation. You can extend a token’s lifecycle by navigating to the Service Token tab and clicking the Refresh button for a single token. The Refresh operation will extend the token's lifetime by one year from the date of the refresh.

Access Service Token card

Revoke Service Tokens

By default, Cloudflare Access service tokens expire one year after they’re created. If you need to revoke access earlier, simply delete the token.

To revoke a service token immediately:

  1. On the Teams dashboard, navigate to Access > Service Auth > Service Tokens.

  2. Click Delete for the token you need to revoke and delete.

Access Service Token card

When revoking service tokens, keep in mind:

  • Services that rely on a deleted service token can no longer reach your application.
  • Clicking Revoke Existing Tokens when editing a policy in the Edit Access Policy dialog revokes existing sessions but does not revoke access.

As long as the Client ID and Client Secret are still valid, they can be exchanged for a new token on the next request. To revoke access, you must delete the service token.