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Free Program

We know that organizations and individuals around the world depend on Cloudflare and our network.

We recognize that this emergency has put a strain on the infrastructure of companies around the world as more employees work from home. Cloudflare has made our Cloudflare for Teams platform, which helps support secure and efficient remote work, free through September 1. This offer includes Cloudflare Access, Argo Tunnel, and Cloudflare Gateway.

If you are already a Cloudflare for Teams customer, we have removed the caps on usage during this emergency so you can scale to whatever number of seats you need without additional cost through September 1, 2020. If you are not yet using Cloudflare for Teams, and if you or your employer are struggling with limits on the capacity of your existing VPN or Firewall, we stand ready to help and have removed the limits on the free trials of our Access and Gateway products through September 1, 2020. Cloudflare employees around the world have volunteered to run onboarding sessions so you can get setup quickly and can ensure your business' continuity.

How to get started

1) Follow the quick start guide

  • You can start using Access immediately using this guide.
  • All accounts have had the seat limit removed. No additional action is necessary to sign up. When you choose a plan, pick the 5 free seat plan to ensure you are not charged. You can then use more than 5 seats when users authenticate. Do not pick a plan over 5 seats.
  • Argo Tunnel is included in the program. To use Argo Tunnel for free, start Argo Tunnel from the command-line tool, cloudflared, with these instructions. Do not enable it for your account as Argo Smart Routing in the Cloudflare dashboard.

2) Sign up for the onboarding session

  • The program includes a free 30-minute onboarding session with a technical expert from the Cloudflare team.
  • During the session, our team will demo the product and walk through its setup with you.
  • Sign up for the session here.


When I add Access to my account, how many seats should I input?

  • Select a Premium plan with 5 seats. This plan will be free.
  • As part of the program, Cloudflare Access will not enforce seat limits. You can continue to use more than 5 seats, though the UI might indicate you have 5 licenses in some places.

What happens on September 1st?

  • Unless the program is extended, Cloudflare for Teams will return to a paid model. There will be no commitment to continue using the product.

Cloudflare reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.